About Skyland Management

Skyland Management is a family-owned and operated full-service property management and real estate development firm established in 1992. We offer exceptional residential, retail, office, mixed-use, and commercial property development, asset management, and property management services for an extensive list of small to enterprise-level clientele.

Our Vision

Skyland Management is proudly helping to invigorate NYC and South Florida’s residential and commercial real estate market. Headquartered in NYC, our South Florida presence spans from the Greater Fort Lauderdale to Miami-Dade area and beyond. We aim to help small property owners to large investors with complex real estate portfolios increase their profitability while striving to contribute to the communities around our developments as a result.

Our Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer

In 1992, Isaac founded Skyland Management Group with the keen intent of building a professional property development, asset management, and property management firm that is dedicated to growing clients’ profitability while providing excellent customer service. As Skyland's CEO and with over 30 years of experience in real estate at hand, Isaac provides direction, guidance, and oversight of Skyland’s team members, assets, marketing strategies, and financial goals. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its portfolio to over $178 million in assets.


Chief Development Officer

Daniel is the driving force behind Skyland's business development objectives including new construction and acquisition projects while building strong relationships with the local community. In his role as CDO, Daniel enacts complex national contract negotiations, project modeling and project team management. Since 2009, he is responsible for effective deal sourcing, networking, and structuring of real estate transactions. Daniel leverages internal and external resources to progress Skyland’s strategic growth plans by generating steady deal flow and an efficient professional approach to execution.


Chief Financial Officer

Amnon is responsible for the implementation of regulatory plans, initiatives, and strategies that promote the optimum achievement of compliance, financial, and overall performance of properties Skyland manages. Amnon’s primary daily activities include managing accounts payable, negotiating contracts and evaluating for fulfillment, controlling annual budgets and capital expenses, directing work orders, and maintaining vendor relationships. Since 2005, Amnon has been critical to Skyland’s bottom-line performance.

Just when I think it's impossible to do better than we have, I am proven wrong.

Isaac Dabakaroff, CEO

You can't solve a problem with the same person that created it. We rely on feedback as our greatest source of inspiration.

Daniel Dabakaroff, CDO

We function off of the principle that trust is gained and loyalty is returned. We strive every day to act with integrity in each transaction we are a part of.

Amnon Dabakaroff, CFO

The most important aspect of solving complex challenges is keeping an open mind and holding judgments until the end.

Ariel Dabakaroff, COO

Exceeding Client Expectations

At Skyland Management, our clients always come first. We are proactive and take ownership of every detail of each transaction, day-to-day tasks, asset management and profitability, property valuation and leasing, equity financing and financial reporting, client satisfaction, and strategic planning and execution. We understand our clients’ needs because we are investors, developers, and owners as well.

How Owners Benefit From Our Services

Skyland Management realizes that cookie-cutter solutions do not work for every project and we take a personalized approach to attaining the goals of our clients. Our clients never get lost in the “shuffle” as found with many larger firms. We are easy to reach whenever needed and strive daily to provide unprecedented and unmatched quality of service.

Management That’s Easy to Reach

Our pioneering management procedures backed by our personalized attention to each client allows us to be available in times of need while providing exceptional service.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize innovative technology that updates owners, investors, tenants, and our staff on property details in real-time. These tools allow us to be extremely efficient and consistently up-to-date.

Professionalism & Integrity

Our highly detailed reporting software available to all stakeholders allows us to be fully transparent about maintenance, applications, payments, financial documents, profitability, and property status.