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Skyland Management is one of the leading property management firms in New York City and South Florida. We have been managing commercial and residential properties of our own and on the behalf of our clients for almost 30 years. View properties that are currently on the market. 

"At Skyland Management, we’re committed to making an impact on the tenants, businesses, and communities we serve. Through our years of property management experience, we believe that well-maintained properties make for happier tenants."

Issac Dabakaroff
CEO, Skyland Management


Our goal is to provide the best experience for the tenants we serve and offer resources that make transactions more efficient and transparent.


We’re committed to exceeding client expectations, both in service and quality. Skyland is known for distinguished property management that aims to enhance the value of each property.

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We simplify the property management process for you in a way that will leave your investors and tenants, completely satisfied with their experience.