Realtor Referral Program

Don’t miss an income opportunity because you don’t manage properties or don’t feel like dealing with the hassle anymore. Since 1992, Skyland Management has become one of the leading property management firms supporting realtors, investors, and tenants alike. Choose one of the best and get compensated for it.

Top-Tier Property Management Services

When you genuinely love what you do, it shows. At Skyland, we understand the work it takes to gain your client’s business and trust. We value our relationships and treat your client’s properties as our own. We’ll focus on the day-to-day responsibilities, financials, legalities, tenant management, and work orders. You can sleep peacefully through the night and plan your days without worrying about a tenant eviction or maintenance emergency. For every attained client, we’ll show you a little appreciation with a one-time referral fee. Contact us to discuss details.

In-House Property Maintenance Staff

Our highly-trained and licensed maintenance team is equipped with extensive knowledge of building mechanical systems, including heating and air conditioning, elevator/escalator, energy management, plumbing, electrical safety, and life safety.

  • Rent Collection & Expenses Payment
  • Tax Filing Oversight
  • Monthly & Annual Operating Budget
  • Monthly & Annual Financial Statement
  • Monthly Operating Statement
Property Compliance
  • Insurance Procurement
  • Contractor/Vendor Screening & Verification
  • Boiler, Elevator & Life Safety Equipment Inspection/Monitoring
  • Routine Property Inspections
  • Emergency Repair Facilitation
Maintenance & Repair
  • Building Staff Training & Supervision
  • Safety & Environmental Oversight
  • Maintenance & Repair Facilitation
  • Capital Improvement Planning & Supervision
  • House Rule Implementation
Legalities & Filing
  • Leasing Application Review & Processing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Permit/Certificate Filings
  • Legal Proceedings Management
  • Local Law Compliance & Inspection Facilitation

The Skyland Management Method

Skyland offers experienced residential, retail, office, mixed-use, and commercial property development, asset management, and property management services focused in New York City and the greater Miami and Fort-Lauderdale area. In addition, we also acquire properties directly or work in joint venture with local partners who share our vision and commitment to making an impact on the communities we serve.

Happy Investors Buy More From Their Realtors

Most brokers and agents manage rentals because they believe they must in order to get repeat listing and sales from their clients. They feel they must “so it all” to stay ahead of the competition and keep their clients satisfied. We’re here to let you know you don’t have to.  We can take over all of your current rental properties, pay you a referral fee, and provide exceptional property management services. When your clients are ready to sell, the property is yours to list. We’ve been working with realtors for almost 30 years and have found this to be a win-win for both.

One-Time Client Referral Fee

We believe in giving back as we grow our business. With Skyland, you get a percentage of the 1st month's services and retain your client relationship.

24/7 Property & Tenant Management

No more late night calls to your cell phone, chasing rent payments, or creating financial reports. We've got you covered and will make you look good.

Exceptional Customer Service

We've built a vast network over the last few decades. At Skyland, relationships are our number one priority and believe in putting your client first.